Top 3 Places To See Sunset in Bali

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I love sunsets and Bali is famous for breathtaking views of sun and sea. Every evening you can admire spectacular sunset painting the skyline in a myriad of pink, purple, orange and yellow. I can’t imagine anything better than watching the sunset with a cocktail in a hand so today I am sharing Top 3 places to see the most spectacular sunsets in Bali. 

La Plancha on Seminyak Beach 

Welcome to the mother of all beanbag bars. Decked in a spectrum of bright colours, this Spanish beach bar and restaurant is super laidback and unpretentious. Perfect for those of us who’d like nothing better than to lay back in a comfy bean bag, and watch the sun set in their bikinis.

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You don’t need to dress up – beach dress or bikini cover up are perfect for this.

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The party will continue after the sunset.

Potato Head Beach Club

This is probably on of the post popular places in Bali. Once you step into the Colosseum-esque building of Potato Head Beach Club you will find two restaurants, a swanky beachfront bar and an infinity pool with fabulous views of the sparkling Indian Ocean. It’s the playground nobody can resist and a great place to spend the whole day.

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When I was packing for my trip to Bali there was a lot of confusion what to wear in beach clubs. My solution was jumpsuit! It’s very trendy and stylish so you will definitely fit within the glamorous crowd. In the evening just add big earrings and bracelets and you have a fabulous outfit.

I was wearing the jumpsuit I bought in Bali which is so comfy and stylish that I can’t wait for summer to wear it again.IMG_4804 v1

Food and cocktails were one of the best in Bali. Look at this cocktail! I’ve never seen anything like this. Almost too pretty to drink.

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More amazing creations!

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I’ve never seen sky so pink! The most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen!

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The Rock Bar at Ayana Resort 

This was my favourite place in Bali. The Rock Bar is set on a unique rock formation at a secluded limestone cliff and it attracts many travelers from around the world. The Rock Bar boasts a minimalist design with an open-top platform seamlessly built onto the natural formation. Ambient lighting from around the bar and the shades at sunset, together with traditional fishing boat lanterns that dot the seascape add to the dramatic appeal of the bar. It’s definitely one of the most romantic and beautiful places I’ve been to.

IMG_6160 v1

This luxury resort is totally majestic and stands for its heaven view, no wonder if this place got an award as the best bar in Bali. It’s an extremely popular place so you need to come here quite early if you want to get the best table in the bar. 

Even the journey to the bar offers memorable scenic and photographic moments of vast Indian Ocean, the beach and cliff. Later at night this path will be light with candles. It was unforgettable experience!

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This is also a place to wear your favourite maxi summer dress. You can definitely dress up!

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Thank you so much for reading!



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