Trend Alert: How To Wear Statement Tops

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This season is all about making a statement and statement tops are the perfect way to add drama to your outfit and break out from the clothing monotony. You probably already noticed tops with exaggerated balloon sleeves, wide cuffs or huge ruffles in many high street shops, it is the hottest trend at the moment. These tops are a total mood-lifter and[...]

5 Ways To Practise Self-Love

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Everyone is talking about self-love and you probably heard "You can't love another person until you love yourself first" many times. If someone asked you if you love yourself I am sure you would say of course. But do we really love ourselves enough?! Practising self-love can be challenging for many of us, especially in times when we face serious challen[...]

Bond Girl Moment

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I already talked that clothes can have super powers - when you look amazing, you feel amazing and you can achieve anything you want. Putting on different outfits creates different thoughts and feelings, something that you wouldn't wear every day definitely makes us feel special. With a help of different looks you can tell various stories and create many dif[...]

What To Wear And See In French Riviera

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If you are following me on Instagram, you have probably already noticed that I absolutely love travelling. Travelling around and exploring new places is one of the best things you can do for yourself - it is the best way to live and experience this wonderful world.  Every journey gives me a sense of adventure and freedom. It helps me to get away from m[...]

How To Wear Pink To The Office

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From blush to bubblegum and rose to rouge, pink is definitely this season's hottest colour and today I will be talking how to incorporate this trend to your work wardrobe and create pretty in pink corporate look. In my opinion pink is a rather misunderstood colour - it is often associated with being overly girly and somewhat uncool, but it all depends[...]

How To Wear A Corset Trend

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The Corset trend which is extremely big this season is one of these trends that are particularly tricky to wear. If not styled correctly it can look really cheap and tacky. Corsets worn under a masculine and oversized jacket could look great and very sexy but I prefer to wear it over a top. I was very glad to see that so many designers and high street bra[...]