How To Choose The Right Pair Of Denim Shorts

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Shorts are one of summer essentials and denim shorts are particular fashionable this season. However many women are very conscious about wearing them as it’s not easy to find the right fit. They are either too long or too short and you can’t seem to find the right cut to flatter your thighs. Check out these tips to find the perfect pair. One of the key things to think about when you’re choosing shorts is whether you are curvy on the bottom half or whether you’re straight on the bottom half.

how to choose shorts

This will define what type of shorts will suit you.

For Curvy Bottoms 

Go For

– plain and simple models

– stretchy fabrics

– slightly longer shorts (best length for you is around your knee)


– any detailing around hip are or on the lower part of shorts, such a turn-ups

– pockets with embroidery or other details

Basically you don’t want attention on your bottom.

For Straight Bottoms 

Go for

– detailing on the hip and bottom area

– shorter shorts

Details and embellishments will create an illusion of curves.

Another very important rule to remember for both curvy and straight bottoms – always make sure that your shorts end at a flattering point of your leg.

tips to choose the right pair of shortsUsually it’s the narrowest part of your leg. This will help to elongate your legs.

Remember these tips and you will always look great in shorts.

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