4 Tips For Looking Stylish When It’s Cold

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Winter outfits are famous for being bulky – bundles of fabric don’t exactly help you look chic and glamorous. But while the temperatures might be dropping, there are ways to stay feeling and looking stylish even when it’s practically freezing outside. And here are my tips:

#1 Invest in a coat which will keep you warm!

A coat has always been one of the biggest style investments for autumn and winter. A coat, whether you buy one once every couple of years or every season, is always a wardrobe staple. So when you are in search for a new coat check the fabric the coat is made off – don’t even think about buying a coat which is made of polyester – it won’t keep you warm! Look only at coats with at least 70% of wool.

This season’s biggest trend is faux fur coats which are ideal if you want to wear something not so warm underneath it will look very elegant and will keep you warm. If you want to be particularly trendy go for a bold fur coat and if you need tips how to choose the top quality faux fur, check out this post.

 #2 Layering is the key

The key to dressing fashionably in the winter months without compromising warmth is layering. My must to have item for times when temperatures begin to drop is a faux fur gilet which is a total lifesaver! You can wear it on the top or under your coat with any outfit to add that needed extra warmth. Also you can keep it on when you take your coat off.

It’s my secret weapon when I want to wear a thin dress or a blouse – it looks super stylish and I never feel cold.

#3 Accessorize for warmth

Faux fur stole or scarf is a perfect accessory with pure style and warmth; you can even leave them on as part of your outfit. Fur stole can really protect you from chilly winds but it can also be a statement accessory. It can update your look and make your coat from the last season look different. You can pair them with your jackets, blouses or dresses to add extra warmth and a bit of glamour for everyday outfits.

Also don’t forget to wear a stylish hat! Everyone knows that we lose a lot of heat through our heads. Wearing a hat can make a huge different if you want to stay warmth. They also are the most fashionable accessory this season.

#4 Keep your feet and legs warm!

There is nothing worse than freezing feet. Over-the-Knee Boots are the solution – they look perfect with mini skirts, dresses or jeans and will definitely keep you warm. Sleek boots are the most flattering ones and are key for creating an elegant outfit. Even for a night out pair them with a mini dress and you will look chic.

My last trick to stay warm is to wear cashmere or wool blend tights – it’s an ultimate luxury which makes such a difference! With them I can wear any skirt or dress I want and I never feel cold.

Photos by Marcel Herciu Photography

Stay warm and chic!


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