What To Wear to an Office Christmas Party

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It's again the time of Christmas parties and for many women what to wear to the office Christmas party is one of the thorniest issues of the year. You have two options: dress to dazzle or dress for escape. In my opinion it's your moment to shine and impress your colleagues and clients. Surprise everyone but still keep in mind the dress code of you[...]

5 Easy Steps To Create A Signature Style

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Fashion icons are famous for having their unique signature styles and this is actually what makes them so stylish.  They created a signature style that is instantly identifiable, in the sense that when you see something in that style, you immediately think, “that’s SO Audrey/Grace/Gaga/Alexa/Carrie Bradshaw.” And this is for me, what personal sty[...]

The Day When I Met Christian Louboutin

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With the year coming to an end and Thanksgiving Day couple days ago I was looking back at 2017 and thinking how extraordinary this year has been so far. I wanted to share my career highlight of this summer - attending a celebration of the launch of Harper’s Bazaar 150 Years: The Greatest Moments where I met Christian Louboutin and Harper's Bazaar editor[...]

How To Wear Stripes To The Office

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I am a huge fan of stripes and could easily wear them every day but if you are working in a conservative environment this could be a difficult thing to do as it is a loud and distracting print and clothes with stripes usually look quite casual. My trick to make stripes more office appropriate is to layer them under tailored pieces in a solid colour. Addi[...]